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  • Reanne Powell

Live in Love by Lauren Akins

I was thrilled when I heard that Lauren Akins was writing a book. She’s the wife of county singer, Thomas Rhett, and I’ve been following both of them for the past few years. However, don’t dismiss this book just because you aren’t a country music fan. This is a story that breathes hope, love, life and joy, and we all need some of that in our day.

Live in Love provides a glimpse into the life and heart of a woman who loves her family and the Lord more than anything else. I was so blessed by Lauren’s honesty and vulnerability about growing up, finding love, and struggling to discover what God was calling her to do. She writes in a simple, candid voice that is totally her own, and reminds us that God’s plans for us are truly more than we could ever imagine.

As she says, “My hope is that through sharing my story and the story of my family, Live in Love will serve as whatever you need in this moment: a self-help book, a romantic escape, a marriage book, a family guide, a beacon of faith, a behind-the-curtain peek at a country music couple, an inside look at the trials of the international adoption process, or just a light- and love-filled distraction from the darkness that seems to fills up the news these days. With any luck, it’ll be all of those things all at once.”

⭐️ 9/10 ⭐️


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