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  • Reanne Powell

A Portrait of Emily Price

I wanted to jump into this story and live inside its pages. A whirlwind romance, the Italian countryside, family secrets, art, literature, food… What more could you ask for?

Emily Price is a gifted artist and fix-it girl extraordinaire. She meets Ben, a handsome Italian chef, and offers to help him fix up a restaurant. Two weeks later, they get married and take off for Italy to see his dying father. Emily is thrown into a new life as she tries to find a place among her new family.

I loved this book and the profound way it reflects on marriage, family relationships, and the beauty and pain that accompanies both brokenness and restoration. With Emily and Ben, Katherine Reay perfectly captures the spark that comes when love transforms something inside us, and takes what was already good and makes it extraordinary.

Go find yourself a copy of this book and pair it with a glass of red wine and some authentic Italian food. It’s the travel experience you’ve been craving, all within the comfort of your own home. I personally can’t wait to reread it, just so I can savor it all over again.

Fiction ⭐️ 9/10


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