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  • Reanne Powell

Be Devoted by Bob Schuchts

Of all the books I’ve read this year, this one has probably impacted me the most. My husband and I read it together and it is already bearing so much beautiful fruit in our marriage. It's become my go-to recommendation for all our married friends.

The first half of the book focuses on five key areas of unity: Spiritual Unity, Emotional Intimacy, Daily Companionship, Cooperative Teamwork and Sexual Fulfillment. The second half goes through steps to bring about healing, reconciliation, and deeper trust.

Written by a Catholic marriage and family therapist, this book helps us ask the questions that we often avoid or don’t take the time to ponder. Dr. Bob Schuchts shares insight from his background in psychology and inner healing ministry as well as personal stories from his own marriage of 42 years.

If you are a Christian couple looking to improve your relationship and develop deeper intimacy, then I would recommend this as a must read. Married life is not always a fairy tale, but if we want our “happily ever after” then we need to be intentional about learning how to become a better spouse.

Find it at your local Catholic bookstore, or click the link to purchase online:

Canada: Paperback - Kindle

From the back cover:

Drawing from his popular healing conferences, forty years of marriage, and decades of clinical work as a couple’s therapist, bestselling author Bob Schuchts presents his first resource for married and engaged couples and those who desire true love in their relationships: Be Devoted. This highly anticipated guide delivers sound Catholic teaching, rich storytelling, and practical tools for healing, along with psychological insights and expertise to help couples create a relationship that is rich in trust, passion, and unity.

The key to a healthy and passionate marriage is as simple as fostering genuine love and affection, or devotion, according to retired couple’s therapist and healing expert Bob Schuchts of the John Paul II Healing Center. True devotion only develops, however, when both spouses take responsibility for their actions and emotional wounds—something each of us brings to all of our relationships. These wounds, which are often rooted in childhood and past relationships, exist in all of us to some degree, making it difficult for couples to cultivate friendship, resolve conflicts, and build trust.

Drawing on the riches of St. John Paul II’s theology of the body, Be Devoted is an essential guide to healing from these wounds within your marriage, while providing practical tools for cultivating unity. The first part of the book focuses on building intimacy, unity, and communion, and the second part offers wisdom and guidance for restoring trust when it is damaged. You’ll find practical tools for cultivating intimacy, resolving conflicts, and restoring sexual passion.

To help you engage deeply and prayerfully, Be Devoted includes:

  • Take A Moment reflection questions

  • prayer guides for couples

  • scripts for apologizing and tackling difficult discussions

  • practical ways for understanding and working through conflicts

  • spiritual exercises for healing past wounds

  • prompts for journaling

  • appendices with extended prayer exercises and resources


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