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  • Reanne Powell

Books to Help You Go Deeper this Lent

The Lenten season has just begun. Lent is a time to go deeper into our faith and learn more about what it means to be a follower of Christ. Good spiritual books are a great way to get inspired, challenged, and encouraged in our faith.

If you're looking for something to read, say a quick prayer to the Holy Spirit and see if there's a book here that catches your eye. :)

A Song for Nagasaki

By Paul Glynn

I don't think there will be a day that I don't recommend this book.

The true story of Takashi Nagai profoundly impacted me. Every time I read it, I am pierced by the depth of his faith and convicted in my own journey with Christ. You can read my full review here.

You will not regret buying this book.

Get it for yourself and pass it along to a friend.

Canada: Paperback - Kindle

The Return of the Prodigal Son

By Henri Nouwen

I read this book a couple years ago. It is a beautiful reflection on the parable of the prodigal son and Rembrandt’s famous painting. The chapters take you through meditations on the younger son, the elder son, and the father, and insights on the art itself.

If you’ve ever wanted to dive deeper into this parable of mercy and forgiveness, check this one out. It's a small book, and very easy to read.

Find it at your local bookstore or purchase online:

Canada: Paperback - Kindle - Audio

Everybody Always

By Bob Goff

If you want to be inspired to love Jesus and others in a more radical way, but aren't looking for a deep theology book, this is the one for you.

Bob Goff shares a wide range of stories from his life that help illustrate the fact that we are called to love our neighbor as Jesus loves. This is something that many Christians know to be true, but has that changed the way we live? Has it truly impacted our life and the lives of those around us? The Gospel message is radical and calls us to live differently than the rest of the world, and Bob is a wonderful example of that.

This book is perfect for someone who might just be getting back into reading. The chapters are short and the stories are wild.

You can check out my full review here.

Find it at your local bookstore, or click here to purchase online.

Canada: Paperback - Kindle - Audio


By Heather Khym

This is a short book that packs a spiritual punch! Reading it feels like having a good friend take your hand and walk alongside you on the journey towards healing and a deeper relationship with Jesus.

If the idea of healing from past wounds sounds intimidating, don’t be frightened off. Heather shares parts of her own journey that I know resonates with so many people. It’s simple to read and there are questions to help you go deeper.

Purchase at your local Catholic bookstore or find it online:

Canada: Paperback - Kindle

9 Days to Welcome Peace

By Fr. Jacques Phillipe

If I had to make a list of ten books to take with me on a deserted island, this would be one of them.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that true peace is something we all desire. Peace of body, mind and soul. Peace that doesn’t leave with the next depressing news article. Peace that truly makes its home in our heart.

In this short book, Fr. Jacques Phillipe takes us through nine meditations that help us realize that this peace is possible. Using scripture, quotes, and prayers, each day provides so much to reflect on. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Find it at your local Catholic bookstore or buy it online:

Canada: Kindle

Be Devoted

By Bob Schuchts

Lent is a great time to be more intentional about your marriage. My husband and I read this book together a couple years ago, and it bore a lot of great fruit. We noticed our communication improved so much.

The first half of the book focuses on five key areas of unity: Spiritual Unity, Emotional Intimacy, Daily Companionship, Cooperative Teamwork and Sexual Fulfillment. The second half goes through steps to bring about healing, reconciliation, and deeper trust.

It's become my go-to recommendation for all our married friends. Find it at your local Catholic bookstore, or click the link to purchase online:

Canada: Paperback - Kindle


By Carrie Schuchts Daunt

This is a beautiful collection of testimonies from different women. They share their stories of healing and the joy that comes from living a life in Christ.

Each section focuses on a different theme: Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother. The stories are short and heartfelt. It's a great book for women in any stage of life.

Find this book at your local Catholic bookstore or click here to purchase online:

Canada: Paperback - Kindle

Left to Tell

By Immaculée Ilibagiza

Wow! What an incredible testament to faith and forgiveness. Immaculée lived through the Rawandan genocide and shares her story of survival and hope.

Read this book if you want to be inspired by the power of God in the midst of unbelievable atrocities. God’s grace truly does work in miraculous ways. It lingered in my mind and heart for a long time afterwards.

Click here to find it online:

Canada: Paperback - Kindle


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