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  • Reanne Powell

Lessons from the School of Love

Living out a faith-filled marriage and family life is not for the faint of heart. This book serves as a beautiful encouragement to anyone who might be feeling overwhelmed, or unsure if they have what it takes to help lead their family closer to Christ.

Peter and Debbie Herbeck raised four children (and now have numerous grandchildren), and they share practical wisdom from their experiences. It all comes down to making Jesus the center of your life, and being intentional about your own family culture.

This was a simple book that any busy parent could pick up and read a few pages at a time. It certainly helped encourage me in my vocation and I’m glad I read it!

Find this book at a Catholic bookstore or buy it online.

Would make an awesome wedding or anniversary gift!

Canada: Kindle

From the back cover:

Ask any married couple about the challenges of sharing life together and you’ll hear a litany of interpersonal issues. Communication, wounds, and hardships can weigh heavily on husbands and wives. Today, add the external pressures from living in a hostile, anti-Christian, anti-family culture. Without a firm foundation, couples can collapse under these difficulties.

The good news is that through the Sacrament of Marriage God gives husbands and wives all the grace they need to overcome even the insurmountable. Drawing from the wisdom gained from their own thirty-five years of marriage, Peter and Debra Herbeck guide couples in strengthening their bond of marriage through the limitless grace offered to all by Christ.

In Lessons from the School of Love: Cultivating a Christ-Centered Marriage, fortify your marriage with encouragement and scriptural wisdom as you learn how to approach your spouse with the love and respect that will transform their heart—and your own!


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