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  • Reanne Powell

A Lady on the Chase by Jessica Scarlett

Wanted to highlight this wonderful book by Jessica Scarlett. If you’re a fan of sweet regency romance, this is one you don’t want to miss.

What happens when a woman prone to scandal gets accidentally engaged to a stoic social recluse? A story with great banter, witty dialogue and characters that will both drive you crazy and leave you smiling. Matthew is the perfect match for for Alicia and it’s so fun to watch their story unfold. It’s a book I recently reread, and probably will again!


Overall: 4.5/5

Age: 16+

Romance level: 2/5


This one is independently published, so pick up your copy on Amazon:

Canada: Paperback - Kindle

From the back cover:

Her father promised her to one man. She promised her heart to the second. Until she meets the third.

Lady Alicia Kendall has it all: wealth, beauty, suitors--and a history of creating scandals. The only thing she doesn't have is her best friend and man of her dreams, Henry Crawley. When Henry announces his plans to join the Regulars, her father's adamant disapproval of him deepens and prompts a deal to be struck:

She has two weeks to secure Henry's proposal, or she must give him up forever and marry a man of her father's choosing.

Alicia agrees. But when one of her attempts goes awry, she gets a begrudging proposal from someone else entirely--Matthew Wycliffe. The most condescending man ever to walk the face of the earth, and her newly-discovered nemesis.

If only to avoid yet another scandal, Alicia accepts Mr. Wycliffe's offer. After all, with the deal she struck with her father, she'll never marry the man anyway. But as they endure dark castles, hot-tempered soldiers, and hidden secrets brought to light all in their quest for a proposal from Henry, Alicia notices something different about the insufferable, grumbling Matthew Wycliffe. And she wonders if perhaps the proposal she wants is the one she's already received.


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