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  • Reanne Powell

The Art of Victory by Martha Keyes

This fun regency romance has a bit of an "Emma" vibe to it. Diana is an extremely strong-willed woman, fighting for the rights of her younger friend, Lucy. She is determined to ensure that Lucy gets to marry the love of her life, but first must convince Lucy’s guardian to approve the match.

This is the second book I read by Martha Keyes, and I’m excited for more. I loved Marmaduke Russell, and honestly wanted to hear more from him, but the book is told entirely from Diana's perspective.

I personally found it hard to connect with Diana’s character (she was so stubborn and a little cold in her determination to win), but that was more of a personal preference.

This is the first book in a series and I’ve heard only great things about the next two books.


Overall: 3.5/5

Age: 15+

Romance level: 1/5


This one is independently published, so click the link to purchase on Amazon.

Canada: Paperback - Kindle - Audio

From the back cover:

Diana Donovan was raised aboard a naval ship on a steady diet of war strategy, so when her orphaned friend, Lucy, is denied a perfectly respectable love match by her controlling guardian, Diana sees an opportunity to put her battle knowledge to use in service of a deserving friend.

But Marmaduke Russell is not the middle-aged curmudgeon Diana is expecting. He is a maddeningly cool, unmarried gentleman who seems uniquely able to parry her tactics—and infuse her with even more determination to win. As battle ensues, though, it becomes clear that there may be more hearts in the balance than just Lucy's.


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