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  • Reanne Powell

Clean Romance Books for Valentine's Day

February is well known for being the month to binge read all the love stories! If you're looking for something fun, light and happy, these are the books for you. They are all closed door romances, and definitely some of my all time favourites.

Also, if you're thinking of purchasing online, you can use the links I've included.

(I do receive a small commission, which helps keep these reviews coming)

------ My top pick for 2023 -----


by Joanna Barker

I love this book! It's clean and fun and has some of the best character arcs I've read in an enemies to lovers story. Not only do both characters begin by actually disliking each other (as opposed to one secretly pining for the other), but we get forced proximity, rivalry, and marriage of convenience, all without any sign of the dreaded miscommunication trope. FINALLY! Joanna Barker gives us two strong willed characters who go from enemies to friends to lovers with clear communication, maturity, and a sincere desire to understand the other person.

I recently reread this, and it was just as good the second time around. This book is the perfect choice for fans of historical romance. Joanna Barker hit it out of the park with this one. It's sure to become a new favorite!

Age: 16+

Romance level: 2/5

Go buy this book! You won't regret it.

(Click the links to purchase. This book is independently published, so the best place to find it is on Amazon)

- More favourites -


By Becky Wade

I was able to read an early copy of this book and all I can say is wow! I've been a fan of Becky Wade of many years, and this might be one of my new favorites.

I was excited when I heard Becky was self-publishing this book. I've read all her previous books, and I have to say that this one is funnier, sexier (while still being clean) and tackles tough subjects so well. (As she's also done with her previous series). Also, the faith elements felt natural and well integrated into the character arcs.

I want to gush all day about both Remy and Jeremiah, but will refrain for the sake of not giving away any spoilers. Although let me just say that their "opposites attract" match is gold. I’m in love 💛

If you're a fan of contemporary romance, get yourself a copy of this book. It's got a mystery to solve, side characters to fall in love with, and a seaside setting that will make you want to pack your bags and move to Maine. Full five stars!

Age: 17+

Romance level: 2.5/5

Canada: Paperback - Kindle


By Sarah Adams

This book is popular for a reason. It's a super cute friends-to-lovers sports romance.

Did I read it all in one sitting? Did I stay up way too late giggling into my pillow and staring at the pages with a goofy grin on my face?

Yes and yes.

This romcom features NFL hotshot, Nathan Donelson and his best friend since high-school, Bree Camden. It’s a serious slow-burn, as they’ve both been pining for each other for years.

Now, I usually tend to stay away from this particular trope, since the “how do I tell her I love her” angst can be unbearable! However, this book handled it well and made it a fun transition as Nathan gets his teammates involved in winning Bree’s heart (hence, The Cheat Sheet).

If you’ve loved Sarah Adams' books in the past, then you’ll probably enjoy this one. It’s a sweet, steamy closed-door romance and the perfect choice for a late-night binge read.

Age: 18+

Romance level: 3/5

Canada: Paperback - Kindle


By Kristi Ann Hunter

This is an older book, but one I go back to often when I'm looking for a fun regency romance. It's the first in a series, and still one of my favourites by Kristi Ann Hunter.

Lady Miranda Hawthorne has spent years writing out her feelings in the form of letters. She never sends them, so one will ever know that the letters have been secretly addressed to her brother's best friend. Meanwhile, she starts having feelings for her brother's new valet, who might not be the man he says he is...

This is a book of hidden identities, strong willed characters, and a family that you can't help falling in love with. If you enjoy a good Christian romance, this is one you don't want to miss!

Age: 16+

Romance level: 1.5/5

Click the links to purchase online:

Canada: Paperback - Kindle


By Emma St. Clair

This book was pure fun! One of my favorites so far by Emma St. Clair.

When Patrick Graham finds out that his dad bought a small town in Texas, he discovers it’s the same one Lindy lives in. She’s the one woman he hasn’t stopped thinking about since he left her back in college and Pat wants more than anything to win her back.

Lindy is desperate to maintain custody of her niece, even if it means a marriage of convenience with the man who broke her heart.

If you’re looking for a clean/closed door romcom to make you laugh, this is for you. Pat and Lindy are perfect together, and the entire cast of small-town characters adds to the fun.

Age: 17+

Romance level: 2/5

This book is independently published, so the best place to find it is on Amazon.

Canada: Paperback - Kindle


By Megan Walker

This is the perfect book to cozy up with on a cold winter day. It's sweet, lovely, wholesome and an amazing addition to the "proper romance" genre.

Peter and Amelia are both trying to secure a match for their younger sisters. Their rivalry and banter leads to friendship and respect, and eventually love.

I loved both characters and the way they actually communicated. Might have been slightly unrealistic and familiar for the time and place, but it totally works in this story!

If you’re looking for a sweet romance to make you laugh and give you all the feels, I highly recommend this one. A new favorite for sure.

Age: 16+

Romance level: 1.5/5

Canada: Paperback - Kindle - Audio


By Sarah Grunder Ruiz

If you're looking for something a little grittier, this book is a good blend of women fiction and romance.

Jo works as a stewardess on a luxury yacht and has planned a list of 30 things to accomplish before she turns 30. However, instead of the carefree summer she had planned, she is left dealing with two teenage nieces, a handsome new neighbor/coworker, and the loss of a family member.

I loved Sarah's writing style and the friendship she built between Jo and Alex. The story was a romance, but focused more on the growth of the characters and how they dealt with grief and loss. This was a book I had randomly picked up at the library, and it ended up becoming a new favorite.

Content: Contains language, closed door romance, themes of death and grief. Would recommend this one for more a more mature audience.

Age: 18+

Romance level: 3/5

Canada: Paperback - Kindle - Audio

So many more books I could have added to this list, but hopefully this is enough to get you started! Happy (almost) Valentine's Day 💛


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