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  • Reanne Powell

The Off Limits Rule by Sarah Adams

First of all, this is not Christian Fiction, so if you’re only looking for a squeaky clean read, you can skip this review. Also skip it if you’re going to judge my reading choices.

Right, now that all of that is out of the way, I can tell you that I literally finished this book within 24 hours and was laughing out loud most of the way through.

Lucy is a single mom who moves back to her hometown and has to live with her brother Drew. Cooper is her brother’s best friend who’s been given a strict, “Stay away from my sister!” rule. Of course they fall for each other and try to hide it from her brother.

Romantic comedies aren’t my usual genre. Rarely do I read a book that loves to describe how hot the characters are, but sometimes you need to just be reminded that love can be crazy, wild, spontaneous and sexy. Being married, reading this book honestly made me love my husband even more.

Now just to be clear, there is nothing sexually explicit in this story. The characters might not be living by a specifically Christian moral compass, but they still respect and value marriage.

Don’t read this book if you’re a teenager who might be disillusioned to think that all men have six-pack abs and “Tahiti blue eyes”. (*Life spoiler alert… they don’t*) However, if you’re a grown woman who wants something light, super cheesy and funny, Sarah Adams is the author for you!


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